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commercial-cleaningWhether you need cleaning services for a retail outlet, office building, or rented accommodation, we will help you to handle all tasks. Our team of cleaners will make sure that all areas and premises are arranged in a tidy fashion.

Commercial cleaning checklist:

Office area and reception

  • Polish all bright and brass work
  • Spot clean the doors and all glass
  • Clean the automatic doors
  • Wash the hard floors and surfaces with disinfectant
  • Damp wipe the work areas and horizontal surfaces
  • Vacuum all mats and carpets
  • Replace the bin liners
  • Collect papers and rubbish
  • Clean the painted surfaces

Stairs and lifts

  • Spot clean internal glass
  • Mop the hard floors
  • Remove rubbish

Bathroom areas

  • Mop clean and disinfect the restroom floors
  • Clean splash marks from the basins and walls
  • Dust frames, tops of mirrors, and partitions
  • Sanitize and clean the basins
  • Wipe down and disinfect the door sills
  • Clean the hand dryers and cabinet covers
  • Polish and clean the mirrors
  • Stock hand soap, facial tissues, hand towels, and toilet tissue
  • Wipe and clean the light switches, the door handle’s outside and inside, and the paper towel dispenser
  • Clean and disinfect the women’s and men’s bathrooms
  • Clean all glass surfaces outside and inside with squeegee
  • Disinfect and clean all file cabinets, work stations, desks, printers, computers, and phones
  • Dust flat areas such as baseboards and accessible window sills
  • Vacuum and sweep all offices

This list is general, and the tasks depend on the customer’s requirements. It can be customized to meet your needs. We will clean and tidy the work stations, offices, elevators, staircases, council room, conference room, and other premises. You can rest assured that your employees and customers work and communicate in a clean and healthy environment.

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