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Communal areas in blocks of flats and houses are used by all residents which makes them high traffic areas. Such areas are exposed to dust, dirt, and other contaminants, and it is important to be cleaned on a regular basis. To help you to maintain clean communal areas, we offer the following services:

  • Clean the legs and frames free of stains and dust
  • Dust and clean upholstered furniture
  • Scrub and clean the floors to remove marks, film, debris, and embedded dirt
  • Sanitize and disinfect to remove films, dust, deposits, and stains
  • Dry shine accessible and exposed bright work
  • communal-areasRemove dust and deposits from the switch plates, doors, and walls
  • Remove fingerprints from horizontal areas
  • Sanitize and clean the chairs and tables
  • Clean all backs of chairs, seats, and tabletops to remove film and deposits
  • Ancillary and low and high dusting
  • Dust the floors, ceilings, and corners free of cobwebs and dust
  • Dust TV and other equipment in communal areas
  • Sanitize frames and ornaments to eliminate soil buildup and odor
  • Clean thermostats, baseboards, bookshelves, and  window sills
  • Remove drink and coffee stains and smudges from furniture
  • Eliminate streaks and stains from doors
  • Spot clean the carpets to remove spills and recent stains

We will remove recent stains, regardless of the type and size. Groups of spots or stains that are grouped over/found on a large area require special equipment. This is not considered spot cleaning. We will also vacuum the traffic mats and carpeted areas and will mop and sweep the hard floors. Waste management is also a priority for us. We will remove debris and waste from all trash receptacles and will make sure that the liners are free of tears and soil. The liners will be replaced, if required.

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